The Work & Mind of Lulu Puras

To Lulu Puras, interior design is all about transforming spaces to create a better quality of life. Puras is a Puerto Rico based designer who recently helped revamp the look and feel of HiBird’s restored hotel in Condado. “Our work is very honest. We always aim for honesty in everything we do, and that’s why we can enhance the quality of life for the people who will inhabit those spaces,” she says.

The HiBird Guest

According to designer Lulu Puras, who helped reimagine the spaces at HiBird, the HiBird guest is one who appreciates design and wants to make the most of its location in the Caribbean.

“[It’s] someone who wants to come to Puerto Rico to have the complete Puerto Rican experience, someone who wants to feel like they went to the Caribbean, someone who wants to have a good time and enjoys living.”

Puras envisions the HiBird guest going to different tourist attractions and visiting spots like the beach and El Yunque on their own or with family. What makes HiBird unique is that its apartments make guests and families feel like they are in a home away from home. “It’s a home away from home, an extension of your home, but as if it were your apartment in the tropics,” she says.

“I want the person who is considering whether or not to stay at HiBird that there’s nothing like it. There may be many options, but they’re going to come to HiBird and here they’ll get the complete experience. Because they have this beautiful, spectacular, well-designed space for you and your needs, but you also have the convenience of a space where you can go to the gym, you can go to the pool, there’s a lobby where you can work. In other words, it’s a complete space.”

“In addition to the spectacular rooms and apartments you find at HiBird, it was also essential that we have spaces where the client could feel they had additional amenities they could enjoy outside the room’s space,” says Puras.

HiBird also has many unique amenities for its guests, from its pool with sitting and sunbathing areas, to its gym. The pool area features bright yellow and terracotta in its design, and the gym features more industrial colors. Next to the gym, there is a space guests can use for private activities, like meetings and parties. “Whatever you need, HiBird provides that space too.”

From its rooms to its colorful pool area, HiBird guests have plenty of options and spaces to use and make the most of their stay. Come and see for yourself. Enjoy your stay in Puerto Rico and delight in the warmth of its culture, its people, and of HiBird. Book your stay at HiBird today.

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